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We will apply our extensive experience of both new build and refurbishment projects to enable a smooth transition from concept to handover. Our innovative solutions ensure your building is performing at all times.



Upon completion our role will be to be as much invisible as possible with being present for your comfort and peace of mind to offer support and help when you need it. You will be provided with demonstration and on-site training as well as we will offer you revisit after 3-4 weeks to assist you with some fine tuning and final adjustments.



Next step to your intelligent home. We will prepare Design Book, with cable schedules, equipment manuals, wiring requirements and recommendations.  The book will be handed over to the electrical contractor to work to our specification. There will be a number of site visits to ensure all is done to our specification and recommendations. When the rooms are ready and dust free, we will conduct installation, testing and commissioning for your integrated house.



Lighting controls

Bring your home to life by creating distinct scenes to complement the character of the room or the occasion. Using keypads, a touch screen or even your phone, you can set the mood at the touch of a button, whether you’re entertaining, relaxing, watching a film or carrying out housework.



Heating, Cooling and Ventilation controls are most crucial systems of any building. Implementing room by room solution, you will gain real time control in the most sufficient way for your life style and family.



Sun on your side. By control of the sun ingress to the room you will get most efficient operation of your heating and cooling systems. This is very often overlooked item, but we will get it covered for you.



WiFi access and online presence. With so many devices  connecting to the internet a best quality data network is the most desired and essential system of the modern house. We will make sure that network in your house is stable and will proactively prevent potential problems from occurring. Using best quality IT products by CISCO, DayTek, Ruckus we have technology on your site!


CCTV and Access Control

Your home is your castle! Our advanced systems allow you get alerts [according to your preference] when you are in your kitchen or abroad. Access via smart phone, tablet or computer will give you flexibility and convenience.  Door entry system we have for you will give you the option of remote control, as well as convenient access to your home using either key fob, pin code or even biometric reader. This will be complemented by smart phone gateway giving you option of answering you door call without moving from your sofa.



This is the most important art in creating intelligent house. All products and systems will work together for your comfort. The ability to access all your systems from a smart phone or tablet is the result of integration process, saves wall space but most of all allows you to automate tasks and make your day and life easier. To complete this process, we will deliver remote access to all your systems. You will be able to easily switch on your garden lighting and raise you room temperatures to comfort level on your way back from holiday.



You are not left alone. Our maintenance and support offer will give you peace of mind and help you to enjoy your intelligent house even more. Our experienced programmers and engineers will deliver excellent level of customer care and attention. As technology is constantly improving, the system will benefit from updates and periodic maintenance, and our remote support solution will give you better care without the need for us to be present on site. Your system will benefit from first year of support included in the package. Then we can offer you aftercare solution best for your needs.


Here at, Lemon Q Solutions Ltd, we are proud to be working in partnership with these companies and technology providers to offer our solutions to the marketplace.



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